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Pope Benedict XVI

October 7, 2012

Pope: Not Being Catholic is
Offense to Christ

The Pope says to be a Christian is
to be Catholic. Anything less is an
offense to God.
During Christian Unity Week
(January 18-25) the Pope declares
that if Christians are to be a
witness to the world, there must be
a visible witness of unity.
Pope Benedict stressed the four
marks of true Christianity.
He said Christians must base their
lives on the four elements that
make them a “sign and instrument
of the intimate union with God and
of unity among men in the world.”
These four are listening to the
God’s Word transmitted through
the strong Tradition of the Church,
fraternal communion, the Eucharist
and prayer.
In order to be a Christian,
according to the Pope, you must
believe you need to eat God.
The Pope said that God was
offended by the division of the
“Every division in the Church is
an offense to Christ,” the Holy
Father stated, noting that in
Christ “we can find unity among
ourselves, by the inexhaustible
power of his grace.”
He says this division is why we
need to repent:
“This is where the call, “Repent,
for the kingdom of heaven is at
hand,” from Sunday’s Gospel
comes in. “
He stressed that the ecumenical
movement was a sign of the Holy
Spirit bringing the divided church
back together again. Pope Benedict
prayed that Mary would lead the
church into full unity.
“The serious commitment of
conversion to Christ is the way that
leads the Church … to full visible
unity,” he said. He noted that
ecumenical encounters as a sign of
this serious commitment.
Sources: CNA , Zenit
More and more Christians are
heading back Rome via the
Emerging Church.
My Comments:
So what is the serious commitment
he’s talking about?
The Pope is saying in order to be a
Christian you must be Catholic. You
must believe in the Traditions of
the Church. You must believe that
divinity is present in the
communion bread and in order to
have life within you, you must eat
that bread. He says you must listen
to scripture, only interpreted by
the church and if you are serious
about following Christ, you must
convert to Catholicism.
The Vatican wants control over
Christianity, just as she did during
the Inquisition during the Middle
Ages. The Vatican is rapidly making
concordats with nation-states to
enable Church law to be made valid
through civil law of the nations she
has agreements with. That is why
she works so closely with the
United Nations; to ride the beast of
civil power.
In the Pope’s recent encyclical the
Pope said he wanted a stronger
United Nations with ” teeth .” If you
know anything about the UN, the
last thing this world needs is a
stronger UN.
Pope Benedict XVI prayed to Mary
to lead the church into unity.
“Mary” will not only lead the the
protestants into the Catholic
Church, but all the world religions
as well. Evangelical churches need
to be on their guard..but most are
sliding into apostasy quickly;
embracing contemplative prayer,
walking labyrinths, and reading the
lives of Catholic ‘Saints”.
Matthew 24:4-5
And Jesus answered them, “See that
no one leads you astray. For many
will come in my name, saying, ‘I
am the Christ,’ and they will lead
many astray.
The Pope says he is Christ’s
mouthpiece on earth, that he is his
representative. When Jesus left us
on earth, he said he would send us
the Holy Spirit to guide us in all
truth, he did not say he was
sending a man–the Pope–to take
His place. For a man to claim to
take Christ’s place is blasphemy.
Why is the church running into the
arms of Rome? The spirit of the
Antichrist has come to deceive
even the elect. Let’s pray for our
churches and our families not to
fall for the false peace that is
coming, and coming fast.
Written by: Sue


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